A Pint with Gary

“I see myself as
part chemist and part chef.”
– Gary Matthews, Waterloo Brewmaster

Over the past 30 years, making beer has become an art form again. For me, that’s actually a return to normal you see, because that was the approach to the brewmaster’s craft for centuries.

For all their hype and as ubiquitous as big beer brands have become, they represent the anomaly and a blip in time when you look at the true history of beer.

People today are really interested in flavour and less interested in conformity. Industrial beer finds itself trying to ape that kind of creativity, but most often they are doing it through the acquisition of small craft brewers.

I believe we’ve got the best of both worlds here at Waterloo Brewing. Equal parts science and creativity with enough scale and the right modern technology to brew great beer all day long; beer you can count on being fresh and tasting like you expect it to. But also beer that’s made to stand up and be noticed when you take a sip.

Our core four, our Radlers and seasonals; these are all heartfelt expressions of my craft. These are the flavourful creations we strive to make here because we know in our hearts it’s what beer lovers want and deserve when they kick back at the end of the day.

About Gary

Over thirty years’ experience in the beer industry, including Brewmaster assignments with both Molson Coors and Muskoka Brewery.
Matthews earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Trent University.

In addition, he holds both Certified Brewer and Microbiology Certifications from the Siebel Institute of Technology, the world-renowned global leader in brewing sciences. 
Matthews is also a member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas since 1992, and has held officer appointments within the association, including Technical Chair (2005) and Past President (2006).