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The Legacy

For many of us, a small sip of Dad’s beer began a lifelong love of the  nectar of the Gods. For George and Brett Croft, it didn’t stop there. It’s possible this father and son team actually have beer in their veins.

George grew up and stayed in the beer business for his entire career. That’s true love. His career began in the pubs and bars of Edmonton, Alberta as a beer salesman for Labatt Breweries of Canada. At Labatt, he later helped establish Waterloo Brewingthe Oland Specialty Beer Company, an early pioneer in craft and more exotic imported beers. He then became President of Labatt Breweries Ontario, then President and Chief Operating Officer of Lakeport Brewery. After all that success, he found the brewery he’d truly call home: Waterloo Brewing. Over the last eleven years he has restored the shining reputation of Ontario’s First Craft Brewer,  and relaunching Waterloo craft brews with only four simple ingredients; water, hops, barely and malt.

As a second-generation beer baron, Brett pretty much grew up in a brewery. He began his career over a decade ago on the marketing side of the business. After a few years working in the office, he decided to take his passion for beer and apply it to the arts and science of brewing. Brett received his formal brewing education from Siebel World Brewing Academy, where he studied in Chicago and in Germany. After brewing school, he perfected his craft at breweries both large and small within Ontario, and in 2018 founded Red Circle Brewing Co. where he has number of brands that have been recognized at both the Canadian Brewing Awards and the Ontario Brewing Awards.

Today George - the father - and Brett - the son - brew up some great concoctions with friends and family very much in mind. Swing by the Waterloo Brewing Taphouse or Red Circle Brewing, and chances are you’ll find one of them eager to talk your ear off about their latest creation.

Waterloo Brewing Red Circle Brewing

The Beer

Fathers and Sons - Flat White Stout 

Fathers and Sons | Lemongrass Ginger Helles



Waterloo Brewing Red Circle Brewing