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*Prices include deposit. $20 for 20L and $50 for 58.6L

Keg FAQ's

How do I order or reserve a keg?
Although a heads up is nice and you can give us a call to reserve a keg, this is not required. Come on in and pick one up any time!

Is tax and deposit included in your pricing?
You bet! Deposit on our 20L kegs is $20 and on our 58.6L kegs is $50. 

Do you rent keg pumps?
We do have a limited number available on a first come first served basis. Pumps require a $70 security deposit and a $10 cleaning fee once returned (in working condition). 

Once tapped, how long will it keep for?
Once tapped, if not hooked up to a kegaraitor - that night. If it is, then before our best before dates found on each keg. 

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Waterloo Brewing Kegs

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Have a question about our kegs that you couldn't find an answer for here? Have a last minute request for a keg pick up (pssst. we don't require keg reservations!)? Don't hesitate to reach out to our brew crew! 

Phone: (519) 742-2732 Ext 152

Have any questions specifically about your draft system? We work exclusively with Kegs Draft Services based out of Kitchener. Check out

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400 Bingemans Centre Drive
Kitchener, ON  N2B 3X9  Canada