Locals Helping Locals

Locals Helping Locals

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected the hospitality industry. As restaurants, bars and pubs across the province re-open their doors, we starting thinking of ways that we can offer a helping hand to the industry we work so closely with.

Locals Helping Locals is a new program that aims to help local business owners and hospitality workers recover after having their doors shut for so long.

We will be selling kegs and tall cans of our most popular brands at a significantly reduced cost to restaurants, bars and pubs across Ontario, including LandShark Lager, Waterloo Dark, IPA, Craft Lager and Grapefruit Radler.

Locals Helping Locals Pricing

Tall cans will be reduced by $10 per case of 24, 20L keg pricing will come down $25 per keg, and 58.6L keg pricing reduced by $50 per keg on select brands.

“Like so many pubs and restaurants, our brewery is a local business, and now is the time for locals to help locals. This initiative makes sense to us in the spirit of goodwill and helping local businesses recover post the pandemic. Businesses, communities, and people are very much connected and each only really thrive when all are thriving. Our hearts are very much in the right place with this effort, and we encourage any businesses that are in a similarly fortunate position as Waterloo Brewing to join us in this effort anyway they can."


- George Croft, President and CEO of Waterloo Brewing