Maple Spiced Pecan Old Ale

 Waterloo Maple Spiced Pecan Old Ale

 IBU 20   |  ALC /  VOL 5.5% 


There may never be a beer more Canadian than this one. A maple-flavoured brew with the aroma of pumpkin and notes of classic Canadian butter tart, this tasty boar will make a patriot out of any crafty Canuck. Only available for a limited time! 

IBU 20 | ALC / VOL 5.5% 


Fall desserts are a natural match for our Maple Spiced Pecan Old Ale. A slice of apple or pumpkin pie, a bowl of peach cobbler, a classic butter tart, or even a maple-dipped donut will enhance the absolutely delicious flavours and aromas wafting out of your glass. If dessert isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with any warm comfort dishes you’re craving as cooler weather sets in. Around here, we love pairing it with our Sweet Dreams Are Made of Brie flatbread. The way the pear slices, creamy brie and fig jelly complement this ale tastes like a feat of beer magic.  

Available in:

Waterloo Maple Spiced Pecan Old Ale
Can 473 mL

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Waterloo Maple Spiced Pecan Old Ale 

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