Pour the Boar

Waterloo Dark is, of course, where the story
of our mysterious boar’s head begins.

‘Pour the Boar’ has been heard more than a few times, from the brewery floor to local pubs over the years, and it appeared on our original bottles back when we first started brewing our award-winning Dark Lager. While tales abound as to the true inspiration behind the boar’s head on our packaging, here’s the story we’re sticking to:

Over centuries, the wild boar has symbolized strength and courage. Beginning with our very first batch of Waterloo Dark in 1984, the words ‘Pour the Boar' have inspired our brewmaster with the courage to craft wildly interesting beer, without the compromise of haste, inferior ingredients or passing trends. Homegrown, handcrafted and brewed in small batches to the exacting standards of our friends and neighbours.

That’s it.
That’s the whole story.