Salted Caramel Porter

 Waterloo Salted Caramel Porter

 IBU 27   |  ALC /  VOL 6% 


Rich, creamy caramel and a savoury sprinkling of sea salt come together to make this deep brown ale the perfect finish to any hearty holiday feast. Handcrafted with roasted malts for a smooth, balanced brew, Waterloo Salted Caramel Porter has just enough sweetness to set you right for the night. Only available for a limited time! 

IBU 27 | ALC / VOL 6% 


Belly warmers such as seafood chowders, meaty stews, southern-style smokehouse BBQ and other heartwarming comfort foods buddy up nicely with Waterloo Salted Caramel Porter. For dessert, try a coffee-flavoured treat like tiramisu, or keep it simple with a bowl of straight-up vanilla ice cream to really let the beer’s caramel flavour take the spotlight.   

Available in:

Waterloo Salted Caramel Porter
Can 473 mL

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