Waterloo Amber

 IBU 22   |  ALC / VOL 6.8% 


Roasted rye malt and a special distiller’s malt give our Amber its whiskey colour. Hallertau hops and slow-aging with Northern White Oak give it a rich, rewarding flavour that makes this strong beer so very drinkable. There really is no other Amber like Waterloo Amber.

IBU 22   |  ALC / VOL 6.8%



One of the beauties of this strong beer is you've hit the food pairing jackpot. The roasted rye and distiller's malt give Waterloo Amber the balance and body to stand alongside anyone's inner foodie. Smoky barbecue, rich cheeses or homemade chowder all pair up nicely. Or, if you simply crave a bacon double cheeseburger with fried onions...have at it!

White Rabbit     |    Chef Robert Martin
Brisket Slab

Smoked Brisket Slab, Caroline BBQ Sauce, Slaw, Spicy Beans, Pickles


Cheese Board

Five Cheese, Preserves, Crostini


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