Waterloo IPA

IBU 32   |  ALC / VOL 5.2%


Ours is a distinctively Canadian IPA that combines the citrus and floral hop aroma of American IPAs with the sweetness, body and finish of British-style India Pale Ales, favouring a good hoppy flavour over bitterness. It delivers the body you expect from India Pale Ale, without making a spectacle of itself. Pour this boar down the side of your glass to avoid too creamy a head – a finger's width is bang on.

IBU 32   |  ALC / VOL 5.2%



Emphasizing hop flavour and aroma over bitterness, Waterloo IPA is perfectly paired with foods that have a bit of a spicy kick. The hoppiness goes nicely with Thai or Indian dishes, especially those with sweet and sour or peanut sauces and fresh cilantro. Order the Pad Thai or a good curry and you're off to the races.

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