Grapefruit Radler


  ALC / VOL 3.1% 


The first Radler (German for “cyclist”) was mixed in June of 1922 by a German innkeeper who didn’t have quite enough beer for the thousands of cyclists stopping by. He stretched his supply with fruit juice, and the rest is history. Our Radler blends real grapefruit juice and craft lager for crisp refreshment with an ever-so-slightly bitter finish. Hallertau hops and traditional small-batch brewing combine to make this the perfect decision on a hot day. Simply put, crisp and uber refreshing!

ALC / VOL 3.1%



Here’s the beauty of this beer: the food doesn’t have to be fancy at all. But consider this, lighter beers go perfectly with lighter foods, and generally enjoyed at the beginning of the meal. Jumbo tiger shrimp appetizers, seasoned with a cilantro, garlic, and lime marinade, skewered and fresh off the grill sounds ‘bout right!

Available in:

Can 473 ml             |                Can 355 ml

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