Pineapple Radler

 Waterloo Pineapple Radler

 ALC /  VOL 2.5% 


What do you get when you infuse a perfectly balanced lager with real juice from fresh pineapples? A deliciously tropical take on our uber-refreshing Radler! Sweet, refreshing with lots of juicy pineapple flavour and finishes with just a hint of coconut. Our recommendation - this brew is best enjoyed while wearing your coolest shades.  

ALC / VOL 2.5% 


If the suggestion of pizza arouses a great debate (we know, it’s not for everybody), you can’t go wrong pouring this boar alongside a pulled pork sandwich, saucy pork belly tacos, or grilled maple salmon and veggies done on the bbq.  

Available in:

Waterloo Pineapple Radler
Can 473 ml 

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Waterloo Pineapple Radler

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