Waterloo Radlers

Warm weather naturally suits our refreshing fruit Radlers.

 Waterloo Grapefruit Radler

Our Grapefruit Radler blends real grapefruit juice and craft lager for crisp refreshment with an ever-so-slightly bitter finish. Hallertau hops and traditional small-batch brewing combine to make this the perfect decision on a hot day. Simply put, crisp and uber refreshing!

Waterloo Grapefruit Radler

 Waterloo Pineapple Radler

What do you get when you infuse a perfectly balanced lager with real juice from fresh pineapples? A deliciously tropical take on our uber-refreshing Radler! Sweet, refreshing with lots of juicy pineapple flavour and finishes with just a hint of coconut. Our recommendation - this brew is best enjoyed while wearing your coolest shades.  


 Waterloo Watermelon Radler

We’ve done it again, and this time you may just lose your rind. We took our craft lager and mixed it with real watermelon juice to create a Radler as juicy and uplifting as a slice of everyone’s favourite summertime refresher.


Waterloo Brewing Waterloo Watermelon Radler

 Waterloo Tart Cherry Radler

If Radlers are your jam, today’s your lucky day. This thirst-quenching blend of craft lager and real cherry juice is wild, it’s tart, it’s everything. Pucker up, buttercup!


Waterloo Brewing Waterloo Tart Cherry Radler