Waterloo Dark

IBU 14   |   ALC / VOL 5%


It’s where we began. It also happens to be Ontario's favourite dark lager, craft or otherwise. This very special boar deserves to be poured slowly and with care to release flavours brewed from Canadian malted barley, specialty malts, imported hops and pure cultured yeast. 

IBU 14   |   ALC / VOL 5%


Waterloo Dark is an excellent match for wild game, caribou steaks, pheasant, roast duck or even wild boar. A perfect addition as an ingredient and just as well suited to drinking with the meal. Experience what this celebrated "light-tasting" dark lager has to offer and why it has won multiple awards at the World Cup of Beer, Canadian Brewing Awards, Ontario Brewing Awards and the Monde Selection International Institute for Quality Selections. 

Bauer Kitchen   |    Chef Brian McCourt
Arugula and Baby Organic Kale

Crispy Chickpeas, Carrot Ribbons, Pumpkin Seeds, Celery, Dried Cherries,
Goat Cheese, Apple, Radish, Crispy Beets, Maple Vinaigrette

Hoisin Glazed Confit Duck Wings:

Spicy Hoisin Glaze, Sesame Seeds, Scallions, Cilantro


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